Technical Support

for Everyday Heroes

Delegate. Reduce stress. Save time.

Don’t have time to backup your website?
Don’t have lots of money to spend on technical support?

RISING BY DESIGN’s affordable packages for technical support can help you stretch your available finances.
Let RISING BY DESIGN take care of the tedious details while you focus on the big picture. Whether it’s doing quarterly backups of your website, updates to your theme or simply answering questions or helping you decide what to do next – we can help.


$25 – $270

Quarterly backups of website $80/year
Hourly rate $25
4 hrs/yr $95 (5% off normal rate)
8 hrs/yr $184 (8% off normal rate)
    12 hrs/yr $270 (10% off normal rate)
  • Why so ridiculously affordable (and smart)?


    My rates are what I call ‘right-sized’ for everyday heroes who are trying to make a difference in the world but who don’t have a ton of money. My fees are ridiculously low compared to market rates but it’s not because I devalue my skills, expertise, or my work. I could charge a lot more than I do but then I wouldn’t be able to serve the people I most want to work with. I gain more fulfillment from helping empower others than from making money for the sake of profit. Check out my ‘pro-bono and low-cost pledge’ for more information.


    Although I do my best to provide timely support, I cannot guarantee emergency support. Many times I am travelling and/or doing international volunteer work in remote locations, which prohibits me from being available 24/7 to everyone. That’s why I limit the amount and type of personal support services I offer to quarterly back-ups, non-emergency website updates, or non-emergency technical support/consultation. However…….


    Qualified & trained support staff are available 24/7 via phone, chat services or email, for any services you purchase through the RISING BY DESIGN online store. If you purchase a domain name, hosting account, managed wordpress hosting, or any other service through the RISING BY DESIGN online store, you can find 24/7 Emergency Support Contact Information here.


    If you need more extensive or ongoing support, I do share links to reliable and competent website support companies throughout my blog and on the Free Resources page. 

  • Extensive experience providing hardware and software support as an IT Support Specialist and Network Administrator.
    CompTIA certified in A+ Core Hardware, A+ Operating Software & A+ Network.
    Trained in Internet & Web Architecture, as well as in Web Site Development & Management.
    Over 20 years of working with non-profit organizations
    Founded RISING BY DESIGN in 2013, a business dedicated to providing affordable technical support and website design services to individuals, grassroots movements and non-profits around the world.

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