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Don’t have time to create our own website?
Don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a designer?

RISING BY DESIGN’s affordable packages for website design will meet (and likely exceed) your current website needs.
Packages are created with an intention to offer the most affordable options without sacrificing functionality or good design. Themes used to create sites are specifically chosen with the non-technical user in mind and are easy to update and maintain.


$60 – $350

Landing page $60
Up to 4 pages $150
Up to 7 pages $240
Up to 10 pages $350


$80 – $500

Landing page $80
Up to 4 pages $200
Up to 7 pages $350
Up to 10 pages $500


One-time website design fee (No hidden or recurring fees.)
 Complete Website Setup using either Weebly (Basic) or Wordpress (Premium)
Full ownership of domain, hosting account and website.
Responsive Design (site displays correctly on all devices including tablets & phones)
Website design matching brand vision
Multiple Theme options
1 Contact Form
Social Media Icons linking to social media accounts
Google-map location integration
 Gallery/Slideshow/Video Integration (up to 3 total)
Basic SEO for Home Page
 Logo Integration
Upload of Favicon (except for Free Weebly Package)
 Planning/Discovery Session (Defining Business & Design objectives and conversion timeline)
Free Content Templates (to help you organize & create content for your site)
 Revisions of Content – up to 3 rounds during the development phase
Content proofing – 1 round before going ‘live’
 2 Design concepts to choose from
2 Rounds of revisions to final design choice
 Cross-browser/mobile testing
FREE 1 hr one-on-one training covering basic website management (backups, editing, site analytics)

  • Why are my packages ridiculously affordable (and smart)?


    My rates are what I call ‘right-sized’ for everyday heroes who are trying to make a difference in the world but who don’t have a ton of money. My fees are ridiculously low compared to market rates but it’s not because I devalue my skills, expertise, or my work. I could charge a lot more than I do but then I wouldn’t be able to serve the people I most want to work with. I gain more fulfillment from helping empower others than from making money for the sake of profit. Check out my ‘pro-bono and low-cost pledge’ for more information.


    You only pay a one-time fee for me to create your website. Once the site is completed I hand over ownership and control to you. Included in each package is a training session on how to update the content on your site and to run backups. You chose whether or not to maintain the site yourself or to hire me or someone else to do it.

    How is this different from normal? The website designer/developer normally charges a much higher fee to create the website. As a part of the website development, they also enter in to a long-term contract with you so that they (and they alone) maintain your website for you, at or above market rates.


    I walk you through, step-by-step, how to pay for the registration of your domain name (that’s the name of your website – for example, this site’s name is and your hosting account (that’s the server where your website lives) so that you own and control both.

    How is this different from normal? Normally, a website designer or developer purchases these for you under their name or business (through which they get a hefty discount) and they, in turn, charge you a normal-retail cost plus a markup for their ‘services’ through a monthly or yearly invoice. By paying for registration of your domain name and the hosting yourself (something that is very easy to do), you save yourself a lot of money.


    I create sites using themes that are easy to learn and use so that you are able to take care of your website yourself (if you wish). And I train you and give you the information you need to be able to do so. This can save you a ton of money – money that can be spent on other areas of your organization or business.

    How is this different from normal? There are thousands of themes and platforms available in which to create a website. Many of them are developer-centric; meaning, they require a high amount of technical expertise to create, update and maintain. However, there are plenty of non-technical options available to the everyday user. Designers and developers don’t readily disclose those options because it, obviously, affects their ability to be hired and make money. Since I’m motivated by other factors (namely, to empower you), I break it all down – honestly and realistically.


    Since you own and maintain control of your own domain, hosting services & website, you have the option to change service companies at any time (if their rates go up and/or you’re displeased with the service or for whatever reason) and if you ever need technical support, you can hire whomever you want to do the work.

    How is this different from normal? Normally, a design company maintains control of your domain, hosting account and website and, therefore, retains the right to do all future work on your site at market-rates (via a contract you enter into with them from the onset). Although the majority of designers and developers are upstanding and excellent people, designers can ‘disappear’ or go out of business without giving you the information you need to access your accounts; or they can refuse or stall giving account access to you or technical support people outside of their company; or they may not respond in a timely manner when you have an emergency. Because you’ve handed over control to them, the potential for any number of unsatisfactory situations could arise. Being in control of your own domain, hosting service and website is in your best long-term interest (financially and emotionally).

  • Social Media
              Integration Social Media Feeds $15
              Integration Social Sharing Icons $15
              Creation Social Media Header graphics $15/each
    Gallery/Slideshow/Video Integration
              (beyond 3 free) $15/each
    Additional Forms (beyond 1 free) $15/each
    Blog post uploads & formatting
               $15 set-up/$10 ea. additional
    Custom Sidebars $15
    Plug-in Installation & Set up $10
    Stock Photo Research & Website Integration $5 each
    PayPal Donation Button $25
    Go Fund Me Campaign Site Set up $150
    Go Fund Me widget install & integration $25
    Photography Packages (limited to local clients)
              Half-day, single location $150
              Full-day, single location $250
    Video Packages (limited to local clients)
              Compilation Photo Montage Video $75
              Original Content Video – Business Profile $150
              Original Content Video – Testimonial $150
    SEO Services (beyond free Home Page SEO)
               Basic SEO $10/page
               Premium SEO $15/page + software fee ~$21
    Editing/Copywriting $25/page
    eCommerce Set-up & Integration
              Weebly eCommerce Set-up $80
              Wordpress eCommerce Set-up $150
    Membership Integration & Set up $150
    Logo Design
              Text-based Logo free
              Existing Logo re-deign/touch-up $60
              Basic Design $120
              Premium Design Starting $275
    Favicon Design & Integration $15
    Brand Specific Website Header Design $20
    RBD Link Removal $80
    Technical Support (**only for everyday heroes)
              Quarterly backups of website $80/year
              Hourly rate $25
              4 hrs/yr $95 (5% off normal rate)
              8 hrs/yr $184 (8% off normal rate)
              12 hrs/yr $270 (10% off normal rate)

  • RISING BY DESIGN’s process of creating a website includes 12 steps:

    1. Planning
    2. Content Creation & Inventory
    3. Website Design/Concept
    4. Domain Name Registration
    5. Hosting Account
    6. Website Build
    7. Website Edits Round 1
    8. Website Edits Round 2
    9. Website Build Final Edit
    10. Quality Review/Testing
    11. Website Live/Handover
    12. Training




    Your website design begins with a thorough, up-front process of discovery. Through interviews and surveys, RISING BY DESIGN develops a series of deliverables that allows us to work efficiently through the duration of production. Your project’s success depends on a solid foundation, this work is crucial.

    DELIVERABLES:  Project setup  Business objectives survey  Design objectives survey  Timeline & Conversion workflow  Final Quote Signing (50% payment due at signing)


    You agree to provide all content for the primary website pages that RISING BY DESIGN will design for you. RBD will help you organize content and then will load the content onto the website once it is ready. You will have the ability to change content on the website as often as you like after the site is complete, but we will provide the proofing and loading of up to ten (10) initial pages (depending upon which package you choose).

    DELIVERABLES: Content inventory & review 2 Rounds of client proofing Load content in to CMS (the website) and format 2 Rounds of revisions to content and/or content layout   (Optional Add-On) Editing/Copy-writing Services/per page


    In addition to your website needing to convert visitors into qualified leads, your site needs to attract qualified traffic. RISING BY DESIGN accomplishes this by optimizing your website’s HOME PAGE content with traffic-rich keywords.

    DELIVERABLES: Keyword research, target industry specific Optimize page titles Meta descriptions SEO copywriting / text optimization suggestions Image optimization (Optional Add-On) Basic SEO or Premium SEO for all website pages


    RISING BY DESIGN will create a custom website design based on your branding, colors, functionality requirements, and best usability practices. Your design will be unique to your company and setup for maximum conversion. Your website will consist of a combination of convention and creativity to make sure that your visitors can find the content they need and inquire about your services. 

    DELIVERABLES: 2 custom website design/layout concepts to choose from 1 Custom website design concept (based on feedback above) 3 Rounds of revisions during development phase Cross-browser testing


    Visitors browsing your site from other device types account for up to 20% of your website traffic. RISING BY DESIGN creates websites using a responsive design, making browsing from these platforms an enjoyable experience.

    DELIVERABLES: Responsive website design Device testing on various phones (i.e. iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)


    RISING BY DESIGN will create your website with the option to have 1-10 pages, depending upon what you submit for your final site outline. Content will be created and provided by you. Content can range from text, pictures, galleries, PDF/DOC downloadable files, embedded video, forms, and any element supported by the Weebly or Wordpress Platform. Websites include dynamic menus to control site navigation.

    CUSTOM MODULES: The following custom modules are included in with your website…
    Forms: 1 form (usually contact); all form data will automatically be collected and delivered to you via email;
    Galleries & Slideshows: up to 3 free; creation of various galleries and slideshows on pages of your choice so that you can feature new products or information;
    Locations: 1 map included (usually on the location landing page), the address with Google Map embed, directions, hours, phone number, and email contact;

    DELIVERABLES: Fully functional website Custom modules specific to your brand/business  (Optional Add-On) Addition of custom modules – maps, forms, galleries, slideshows, etc – available.


    RISING BY DESIGN will integrate social media icons with links to your social media accounts into the site in the appropriate places.

    DELIVERABLES: Social media links on website (Optional Add-On) Social sharing button on sidebar (“like” & share buttons) (Optional Add-On) Social media feed integration (Twitter/Facebook feeds)


    Before your website goes live RISING BY DESIGN will do a quality assurance review of each web page to make it meets scope specification. Also, RBD will transfer your DNS (Domain Name) to point to your new website. Once you approve final design and before going ‘live’, final 50% payment is due.


    Included at the completion of your website design project is one (1) hour of in-person or remote training covering the following topics:
    Basic website management & editing
    Site Analytics/Reports

    Additional screen-cast training may be delivered to support specific processes included in your website project. Sometimes pre-recorded videos or documentation are opted in place of in-person training for certain back-end processes.

  • DetailsDetails2

    You can purchase your domain name and Wordpress hosting service through RISING BY DESIGN’s online shop.

    (**NOTE** RISING BY DESIGN walks you through how to purchase your domain name and hosting account – whether Weebly or Wordpress – when you purchase a WEBSITE DESIGN PACKAGE. If you need help, please conatct us.)

    Take me to RISING BY DESIGN’s online shop.

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